About the brand

KTC is a well-known brand in the Dominican Republic that provides air conditioning and white goods services and solutions. With over 12 years of experience, it has become a leader in the industry by prioritizing quality and efficiency in all its products.

Since its establishment, KTC has been dedicated to offering innovative solutions for home air conditioning and white goods. The brand’s main focus is on inverter technology, which provides elegance and meets the market’s needs while being environmentally friendly. By incorporating this technology, KTC has been able to offer customers higher energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption and significant savings on electricity bills.

Moreover, KTC has made it a priority to obtain the necessary certifications to guarantee the quality and efficiency of its products. Some of the certifications that validate its capabilities include Energy Star, AHRI, ISO 9001, and CE certifications.

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Over time, the KTC brand has expanded its presence nationwide, establishing various points of sales and distribution. It offers solutions for different market segments such as homes, commercial establishments, and construction projects. KTC has gained recognition in these areas for its reliable and high-quality products, which has fostered trust and loyalty among its customers.

Today, KTC remains committed to innovation and the development of new products and solutions that enhance the quality of life for its customers. With its focus on energy efficiency and quality, KTC will continue to be a leading brand in the air conditioning and white goods industry for many years to come.