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What air capacity do I need?

To determine the required air conditioning capacity to cool a space, there are several factors to consider, such as the room size, ceiling height, number of windows, and geographic location. Below, we provide you with a digital calculator that will help you determine the necessary air conditioning capacity in BTU/H.

The calculation may vary depending on

Number of windows and their orientation

Location of the area to be conditioned

Electronic appliances within the area

Construction material

Number of people in the area

If the area to be cooled is the kitchen

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Length: Meters
Width: Meters
Height: 2.7 Meters
Approximate Required Power:
Recommended Power:

BTU/H Calculator


The results provided are approximate values based on average conditions for the Dominican Republic. The result is only an estimation. If you wish, you can contact us for a professional assessment by an expert technician of the area you want to cool. Contact us, click here.


It is recommended to request a site survey visit with our consultants before making your air conditioner purchase.